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mad_craziness's Journal

Really Ridiculously Rough Draft
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Welcome! Good for you for finding my journal! This is like finding Dr. Livingstone, except not as cool. Yeah. Anyway, this is my little corner of the web for posting whatever I wrote in my Attention Defecit ravings. Actually, its everybody's little corner of the world for posting their Attention Defecit ravings. So go ahead. Post! Comment! I love you! Mmmmmmmmwwwwaaaahhhh!!!!

To put things more clearly, this is a place for random works-in progress, like short stories and poems, or whatever is on your mind that you really don't want to clutter up your friend's page. Or whatever the heck you want. You can comment on others works, but be nice. You can post your work, but no angst, please. It doesn't have too be perfect or smooth, because it is a work in progress. Just write the type of work in progress down on the "music" category. So. Yeah. Does that make sense?]
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